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con2Kindling Romance is seeking guest bloggers to report on everything eBook at RomantiCon 2009, taking place October 9-11 in Richfield, OH. Of special interest are reports on the eBook market, transcripts of talks and panels, and photos of author participants.

If you’re planning to attend and would like to send in a short post or two, please contact your KR blogger, Aileen Harkwood. Ideally, guest bloggers should have access to a computer and the Internet to report on site from the conference. Though I can’t offer pay, each of your posts will include a byline, brief bio blurb, your photo (if desired), and most importantly, a link back to your website or one of your books for sale online.


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Fresh from the Tweetosphere Comes Word…

Charlaine Harris, Heather Graham, Brenda Jackson, Marjorie M. Liu, Shelli Stevens, Shiloh Walker, and J.R. Ward are among 150+ early confirmed authors for next year’s RT Book Review Booklovers Convention in Columbus, Ohio, April 28-May 2.


Fab news, but what interests me is the conference brochure. Check it out, RT has scheduled an expanded track of eBook author programming. Quite a contrast to RWA Nationals. Here’s the list of panels and their descriptions:

  • WELCOME TO THE DIGITAL AGE (1 hour) Where has e-publishing been and where is it going? Join editors and authors as they examine the radical changes taking place in the publishing industry thanks to e-books.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE E-EXPECTING (2 hours) From submission-formatting guidelines to the e-publishing timeline to royalty checks, this panel will explain what every writer needs to know about electronic publishing.
    (1 hour) Ever wonder how to go about finding the e-publisher or small-press house that’s right for you? Do you go with an established company with a good track record or do you take a chance with an enthusiastic new start-up company? How to avoid being scammed by disreputable companies by tapping into the e-book and small-press network of authors for support.
  • RED FLAGS: DEMYSTIFYING E-BOOK CONTRACTS (1 hour) Do you need an agent for an e-book contract? What about a literary attorney? This panel will discuss the ins and outs of e-book contracts and show you what to look out for when you are getting ready to sign.
  • E-BOOK AUTHORS AND E-READERS UNITE (1 hour) Discuss digital rights management, e-readers, trends and where to buy the best e-books.
  • FROM DIGITAL TO ANALOG: LEVERAGING YOUR E-PUBLISHING CAREER INTO PRINT PUBLISHING (1 hour) A panel of authors will discuss how they used e-books as a stepping-stone to move into a successful traditional print career.
  • FOLLOW THE E-LEADER: IS ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING RIGHT FOR YOU? (1 hour) The book you want to write may be a great story but it may not fit in any traditional print publisher’s house. An e-publisher or small publisher could have the flexibility that you are looking for. From newbies to bestsellers, why authors are choosing to e-publish and why you should too.
  • SELLING E-BOOKS TO TREE READERS (1 hour) Creative ways to reach out to the general public and educate them about e-publishing — online, at bookfairs, author signings and other events.
  • DIGITAL RIGHTS: WHY THEY ARE EVERYONE’S ISSUE (1 hour) Since all publishers are now publishing in digital formats, every author must know about their digital rights, digital royalties and digital piracy (including the Google settlement).

Registration is $485 until 3.15.10. You’ll find a workshop brochure, registration form, and early bird tour, all in PDF format at the convention website.

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