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swlogoJust last month, Smashwords announced that authors and small publishers would have the ability to sell their books on barnesandnoble.com. Now comes word via Digital Beat that distribution channels for small presses and the self-pubbed have expanded once again.

The shift toward digital books is helping small-fry authors and publishers to get in front of wider audiences than ever before. That trend is being reinforced today as Smashwords announces that it has a distribution agreement to get its books published on Sony’s new eBook portal.

Self-published authors can now visit the Sony Publisher Portal and click on Smashwords to sign up for a free publishing account. Then they can format a book in Smashwords’ style and choose their distribution preferences, and their book will be made available for immediate sale at Smashwords.com. The book can show up a few days later on Sony’s eBook Store.

This welcome development means there are even more options for newer authors who haven’t yet made that first sale to a publisher, or published romance authors with a project that, due to story length or theme, may otherwise have difficulty finding a good home.


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